Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) by OpenLX for Institutions


OpenLX is a LINUX TECHNOLOGY ENTERPRISE providing Globally-accepted Open-standards based services on DSpace for DAMS (Electronic Reppository), among other applications and tools.

DSpace introduces you to not just the best DAMS, but also to a new way of implementing Information technology - with Ethics.

We would like to introduce you to "Value based Computing and IT Infrastructure", through the use of Linux & Open Standards based Open Source in your institution.
The students, when exposed to Linux and Open Source, learn a lot more than their syllabus and subjects, gaining passion and knowledge that is beyond the mere skills. This can make important difference to their lives, bringing a lot of credit to the Institution (from where they get all this) and happiness to their lives, resulting in a win-win situation for all involved.
Linux and Open Source represent the deepest & truly selfless value of “giving one's best to others without any expectation” and this value can make a difference between winners and losers.
If the responsibility of providing exposure to Linux and Open source based technologies to students is rightly taken-up by the Institution and its Faculty, this can transform the environment, building better human beings, beyond merely skilled-manpower.
To do all this, you do not have to spend extra resources or create new things. It is possible to integrate these technologies in the working of the Institution. All that is needed is the INTENTION on your part – the decision to launch the high-standards of Creativity in the Institution.
This will improve the environment for students, and result in cost-savings by cutting a lot of wasteful expenses, while having the best-of-technology implemented in the Institution.
If you are already using a proprietary system for your Electronic Repository (DAMS), you may like to consider the following :


Situation you may face

Proprietary System

(based on Open Standards)

1. Do you have access to future development regime of the application ? Only the supplying company can do it. Will involve high costs for you and a windfall profit for the vendor. DSpace source code is available to you free of cost for in-house development.
2. What happens when you request for a new feature that you need for your library ? Only the supplying company can do it. Will involve high costs for you and a windfall profit for the vendor. Since DSpace source code is available to you free of cost for in-house development, you can undertake the development either in-house or from any vendor of your choice with the choice of multiple-offers.
3. Do you have full access to your database for any data-mining / data-study which you will need sooner or later ? No, their data-bases, usually in proprietary/encrypted formats are not available to you. DSpace uses Open-standards based PostgreSQL RDBMS and it is available to you for any additional in-house activity of your choice without any additional costs.
4. Have you spoken to other users of proprietary library application who have migrated to DSPACE already or are in the process of doing so ? Try to do this and you will find revealing experiences that led them to migrate to DSPACE. Not applicable, as users of DSPACE have choice of vendors for their needs, at any stage of using DSPACE.
5. Can you run your current proprietary library system without an AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract), by having in-house maintenance team? No. The AMC for proprietary system is a must and hence a compulsory high-cost involved year-after-year.

You have the choice of having your in-house technical team learn and manage DSPACE without going for an AMC and this may be backed-up by a visit-based cost as per necessity.

6. Can you develop additional features for your DAMS by having in-house maintenance team ? No. Any feature, however minor, can be done only by the vendor, as the source-code is not available to you. Since DSPACE source code is available to you free of cost for in-house development, you can undertake the development either in-house or from any vendor of your choice with the choice of multiple-offers.
7. Does your proprietary solution meet the globally accepted open-standards ?

Check and Re-check it.

In most cases, they follow their own standards.

DSPACE is 100% compliant to open-standards and other standards involved in DAMS applications.
8. Does your proprietary solution meet the globally accepted Open-standards architecture? No. DSPACE is 100% compliant to Open-standards architecture.


We are talking of Choice and Freedom to Choose - That's crucial for you too !


We are talking of savings in terms of:

  • High cost Software License;
  • High cost Software Maintenance, including Virus/Hacking/Crashes;
  • High-end Technology deployment for actual working of institution;
  • High-end Technology deployment for experimental/learning Laboratories for the students;
  • High-end working and research environment for faculty as well as students.

The details about us and our services are on the website and we request you to give us an opportunity to provide these services to your institution and to various libraries connected to your institution under your able guidance.
To begin with, we would like to work closely with your esteemed institution to take forward the Electronic Repository automation movement across India, working to achieve the mission of complete automation of your Electronic Repository, with the best-of-breed-technology built on globally accepted Open-Standards. With the Open standards based technological solutions proposed by us, while there will be a substantial cost-saving, the richness and ease of use, with latest technology, will be enhanced to the best possible cutting-edge-technology-levels.
DSpace is not only cost-effective, it is built based on globally-accepted Open-Standards.
These are used by a big number of Institutions globally and within India. Additionally, due to advancements in the use of automated repositories, there is a big push to migrate existing major repositories DSpace, due to technological advances and various other reasons, among others:
Open standards based mature support for all the standards that matter;
No Vendor lock-in;
Best of features, as detailed in our website/brochure.
When you decide for such Open-standards based environment in your institution, you are actually building high-tech, high-value environment that is morally true for all involved, thus enhancing the values taught by your institution, in-turn transforming lives.
That is how, we say “OpenLX Linux: Humanizing Technology-Transforming Lives”.
Along-with our Alliance Partners and Support locations across India and the world, we are in a position to give you the necessary solution to your complete satisfaction.
We request you for a demonstration-discussion on the subject, to take forward this subject, in order to create a win-win situation for you, your institution, your faculty, your students. +91-98101-20918 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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