We are extending high calibre technical services to deploy and integrate Linux with Open Standards in enterprise. We make through assessment of clients' current infrastructure and make business case for adopting of Open Standard in feasible functional areas.

We help enterprises to deploy Linux or add features to exiting Linux/Unix implementations in a seamless manner. We have our dedicated team of skilled programmers and developers that can modify or support existing infrastructures and software, as well as developing custom applications. With their continual training in the latest technologies, we have the ability to provide for your needs, with lower overall total costs and the highest level of after deployment support.

If you are looking for a cost effective, virus free, stable and scalable enterprise solution or professional support for your existing Linux or Unix network, possibly we are the place to be. With our own Linux Distibution, OpenLX provides the most advanced skills, right down to the operating system level.



Delhi Public Library goes Live with Koha:

Koha by OpenLX

Implemented by OpenLX, Delhi Public Library catalogue goes live on 2nd October with Koha, the consortia-quality Open-Source Library Management Software.

OpenLX Linux wins NRCFOSS award:


The awards were sponsored by NRCFOSS (National Resource Center for Free/Open Source Software). Congratulating the winners, M.R. Rajagopalan, director NRCFOSS, said, "Through such incentives, NRCFOSS expects to stimulate young minds, encourage innovative contributions to the FOSS ecosystem and address the digital divide."
  Red Herring : OpenLX among the 20 innovative start-ups championing Open-Source in the world.  
  Forter and Sullivan : Kalculate is well positioned to compete for business of small companies and home office business.  
  OpenLX Linux: Launched at Linux-Asia-2005, Shipped over 2,00,000 copies, 1,50,000 downloads, Users in 30 countries and growing