OpenLX Linux

OpenLX Linux

OpenLX has given a successful Desktop on Linux with complete compatibility to your existing doc, xls and ppt formats (thanks to LibreOffice).

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World's first financial accounting & inventory package exclusively on Linux, KalCulate was launched at IBM's Developer Works Conferences across India.

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Koha LMS By OpenLX


Koha is a Full-featured platform - independent, Award winning, Open Source Integrated Library Management System (ILMS) under GPL-V2.

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DSpace is an Open-Source, Open-Standards solution to store, index, distribute, preserve scholarly works in any Digital format.

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Koha On Cloud by OpenLX

Koha On Cloud


  • 24x7 Availability
  • Reduce infrastructure cost & headache
  • Maintenance Included
  • No need of in-house Server
  • Easy to use
  • Assign a domain name to OPAC

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