OpenLX Linux

OpenLX Linux

OpenLX has given a successful Desktop on Linux with complete compatibility to your existing doc, xls and ppt formats (thanks to LibreOffice).

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World's first financial accounting & inventory package exclusively on Linux, KalCulate was launched at IBM's Developer Works Conferences across India.

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Koha LMS By OpenLX


Koha is a Full-featured platform - independent, Award winning, Open Source Integrated Library Management System (ILMS) under GPL-V2.

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DSpace is an Open-Source, Open-Standards solution to store, index, distribute, preserve scholarly works in any Digital format.

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Koha On Cloud by OpenLX

Koha On Cloud


  • 24x7 Availability
  • Reduce infrastructure cost & headache
  • Maintenance Included
  • No need of in-house Server
  • Easy to use
  • Assign a domain name to OPAC

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Be Involed with OpenLX

Whatever gets developed in Open-Source, goes back to the global knowledge base that is then available to others for enhancing the product/service further.

Additionally, you can always be present at the Community site and discussions forum and contribute with your suggestions, which will, surely be appreciated by the large Linux and Open source community.

This way, you get to be part of the global community of 2.2 Million+ Linux developers/users/contributors, becoming part of the positive global change.


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